What is Artificial Intelligence laboratory?

AI Lab is a research laboratory under the Intelligence, Computing and Multimedia (ICM) research group. We stand in the Informatics Faculty at Telkom University. As a research-focused Lab, we held several main activities to fulfill our duty, such as Focus Group, Study Group, and Workshop.

Our activities

Focus group

Known for the research-focused laboratory, our goals held by this group. This group-aims to conduct advanced AI research and publish its findings to academic journals or present it to academic conferences. In this round of year, the themes would be Computer Vision(CV) and Natural Language Processing(NLP).


Other than study and research activities, as our contribution to the society, we held some training and workshop in fields of Artificial Intelligence to reach people or students beyond the member of this lab.

Study group

Our study group objectives is to share basic knowledge in AI to freshmen and those who are interested in studying AI in general. Activities in this group includes studying the introduction of AI, exploring AI trends in industry and its research applications. In this study group, the members are taught a number of methods used in AI, so that later on, it can be used as their basic knowledge that can be developed in a lot of work that are related to Artificial Intelligence.



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